[The Com­mons Con­ser­van­cy] has a sim­ple gov­ern­ing struc­ture. Ac­cord­ing ­to its statutes it has a Board of Di­rec­tors which con­sists of at least three and at most sev­en nat­u­ral per­son­s. A di­rec­tor is ap­point­ed ­for a pe­ri­od of three years. At the found­ing of [The Com­mon­s ­Con­ser­van­cy], the cur­rent board were ap­point­ed for stag­gered terms.

Board of Directors

(in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der)

Guido Aben (secretary)

Guido Aben

Gui­do Aben is a found­ing board mem­ber of [The Com­mons Con­ser­van­cy]. In his ­dayjob he is di­rec­tor of eRe­search at AAR­Net, the Aus­tralian ed­u­ca­tion­al and re­search net­work. He holds an MSc in physics from Utrecht Uni­ver­si­ty. He joined AAR­Net in 2005, hav­ing pre­vi­ous­ly had sim­i­lar roles in Eu­ro­pean R&E net­work­ing.

A gen­er­al­ist more than a spe­cial­ist, he has been in­volved across the range of the “buy-or-build” spec­trum, in projects rang­ing from the rolling out of a ­na­tion­al dark fi­bre foot­print, run­ning cloud ser­vices pro­cure­ments through to the de­ploy­ment of com­plex niche builds such as an In­ter­net vot­ing sys­tem dur­ing ­na­tion­al elec­tion­s.

In his cur­rent role at AAR­Net, Gui­do is re­spon­si­ble for build­ing ser­vices to re­searcher­s’ de­mand, and gen­er­at­ing de­mand for said ser­vices, with Cloud­Stor and Cloud­Stor+ per­haps the most wide­ly known of those.

Patrick Aerts

Patrick Aerts

Patrick J.C. Aerts is a found­ing board mem­ber of [The Com­mons Con­ser­van­cy]. Dr. Aerts did his PhD in Quan­tum Chem­istry (cum laude) in 1986, was in­volved in­ ­Dutch su­per­com­put­ing pol­i­cy since 1985 and was the di­rec­tor of the Nether­land­s ­Com­put­ing Fa­cil­i­ties Foun­da­tion (NCF) from 1990-2012. Since 2012, stil­l em­ployed by the Nether­lands Or­gan­i­sa­tion for Sci­en­tif­ic Re­search (N­WO), he had ­var­i­ous roles at the Nether­lands eScience Cen­ter, and present­ly re­spon­si­ble for S­trate­gic Al­liances. In that role he found­ed the Al­liance for Soft­ware ­Sus­tain­abil­i­ty, the Spe­cial In­ter­est Group for Vi­su­al­iza­tion, the Plat­form of e­Science/­Da­ta re­search cen­ters in the Nether­lands and the Plat­form of Na­tion­al e­Science Cen­ters in Eu­rope, which he chairs.

Since 2016 he al­so works at DAN­S, the Da­ta Ar­chiv­ing and Net­worked Ser­vices, where he is re­spon­si­ble for gen­er­al pol­i­cy re­gard­ing Da­ta Stew­ard­ship but with­ spe­cial em­pha­sis on Soft­ware Sus­tain­abil­i­ty and sci­en­tist­s’ in­volve­men­t.

Michiel Leenaars (chairman)

Michiel Leenaars

Michiel Leenaars (1972, Nether­land­s) is the chair­per­son of [The Com­mon­s ­Con­ser­van­cy]. In dai­ly life he is Di­rec­tor of Strat­e­gy at NL­net Foun­da­tion. and di­rec­tor of In­ter­net So­ci­ety Nether­lands, one of the ­more siz­able In­ter­net So­ci­ety chap­ters in the ­world. He is al­so a W3C lia­son of­fi­cer for the Benelux Of­fice of the World Wide Web Con­sor­tium.

He is mem­ber of the Nether­lands na­tion­al Ed­u­ca­tion ­Coun­cil. The “On­der­wi­js­raad” is the high­est Nether­lands gov­ern­men­tal ad­vi­so­ry body to ad­vise the Min­is­ter, Par­lia­ment and lo­cal au­thor­i­ties on ed­u­ca­tion pol­i­cy.

He is ac­tive in a num­ber of na­tion­al and in­ter­na­tion­al or­gan­i­sa­tion­s, ­such as Open­Doc So­ci­ety (vice-chair), SIDN Fund (Board of Ad­vi­sors), Ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty.nl (Board of Su­per­vi­sors), Dig­i­tale In­fras­truc­tu­ur Ned­er­land, and Pe­ti­ties.nl foun­da­tion (trea­sur­er). He is a mem­ber of the Nether­lands com­mit­tee for the UN­ESCO In­for­ma­tion for All Pro­gram­ma, is part of the PER­SIST Tech­ni­cal Task­force and .

Rogier Spoor


Ro­gi­er Spoor is man­ag­er mid­dle­ware ser­vices at SURFnet, the Na­tion­al Re­search and E­d­u­ca­tion­al Net­work in the Nether­land­s. Ro­gi­er sup­ports SURFnet’s se­cu­ri­ty com­mu­ni­ty (S­CIRT) and de­vel­ops new ser­vices in area of se­cu­ri­ty and cloud com­put­ing (fo­cus on IaaS, per­son­al cloud stor­age, dis­tribut­ed stor­age).

Ro­gi­er is chair of the Dutch Hon­eynet project chap­ter: Hon­eyNED. He led the orig­i­nal de­vel­op­ment of the SUR­FIDS (dis­tribut­ed) in­tru­sion de­tec­tion sys­tem, and is cur­rent­ly ac­tive­ly in­volved in a num­ber of open source ef­fort­s.

Ro­gi­er Spoor grad­u­at­ed in Bio­pro­cess En­gi­neer­ing at the Wa­genin­gen U­ni­ver­si­ty and Re­search Cen­tre. He is one of the found­ing board­ mem­bers of [The Com­mons Con­ser­van­cy].

Dave Täht

Dave Täht

Dave Täht ini­a­ti­at­ed the Bufferbloat project to­geth­er with Jim Get­tys. He is C­TO of Tek­li­bre. He is a for­mer board mem­ber of ICEI.org. He de­scribes him­self as a ‘singer, pi­anist, gui­tarist, writer, ex­per­i­menter, the­o­rist, hack­er, mak­er, fak­er - in no par­tic­u­lar or­der, on any giv­en day’. And he al­so writes code. He is one of the found­ing board mem­bers of [The Com­mon­s ­Con­ser­van­cy].