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Mak­ing bits trav­el ev­ery­where

File­Sender is a (self-)host­ed ser­vice that al­lows peo­ple to se­cure­ly share large files with any­one. It works through your web brows­er and you can send a file to any­one with a mail ad­dress. File­Sender was orig­i­nal­ly cre­at­ed with the needs of sci­en­tists and re­searchers in mind, which means that it scale to ex­treme file sizes.

Pri­vate in­stances of File­Sender are cur­rent­ly in use by many na­tion re­search net­works and sci­en­tif­ic in­sti­tutes across the world.

A stack of coins

In­ter­net of Coins

Blockchain wiz­ardry

In­ter­net of Coins is a project that aims to cre­ate a de­­cen­­tral­ized, ­self-­­sus­­tain­ing econ­o­my by im­­ple­­men­t­ing in­­ter-blockchain con­nec­­tiv­i­­ty. Not through cen­­tral­ized ex­changes, nor fed­er­at­ed part­n­er­­ship­s, or ­mul­ti­­­gate­ways, but sus­­tained by a hy­brid P2P meta-net­­work to lev­er­age each of its par­tic­i­­pan­t’s strength in num­ber­s. The dream of the pro­­ject is to in­­te­­grate all coins in­­­to an in­­ter­­con­nec­t­ed and ­fi­­nan­­cial­­ly liq­uid ner­vous sys­tem.



Safer con­nec­tions for ev­ery­one

Vir­­tu­al Pri­­vate Net­­works are an im­­por­­tant class of tech­nolo­gies that en­able se­cure and pri­­vate use of net­­works (such as wifi hotspot­s) even in the com­­mon case where the trust­­wor­thi­­ness of the net­­work is hard to es­tab­lish. The use of un­trust­ed wifi net­­works is as com­­mon as it is risky, and with­­out pro­tec­­tion po­ten­­tial­­ly ex­­pos­es users to all kind­s of at­­tack­­s. How­ev­er, set­t­ing up VP­N’s is tra­di­­tion­al­­ly a very cum­ber­­some task. edu­VPN is an ef­­fort to make VPN tech­nol­o­­gy com­­mon­­ly avail­able, by build­ing bet­ter and more user-friend­­ly tool­s.