Making the internet a little safer

Cryptography lies at the heart of securing applications and communications on the Internet. The CrypTech project is developing an open-source hardware cryptographic engine design that meets the needs of high assurance Internet infrastructure systems that use cryptography. The goal of the CrypTech project is to create an open-source hardware cryptographic engine that can be built by anyone from public hardware specifications and open-source firmware and operated without fees of any kind. The team working on the project is a loose international collective of engineers trying to improve assurance and privacy on the Internet.

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Knock, knock - who's there?

Identity management is essential to know who you are dealing with, and as such it is the mandatory starting point for many technologies used across untrusted networks like the internet. IdentityPython is a set of projects that provide implementation of key federation and identity technologies including OpenID Connect, SAML, xmldsig, OAuth, JWT, etc - all implemented in the Python programming language. IdentityPython (often referenced to as idpy) offers a Pythonic way of asserting identity in applications.