Photo of an old mailbox that says Send Someone a Love Letter


Making bits travel everywhere

FileSender is a (self-)hosted service that allows people to securely share large files with anyone. It works through your web browser and you can send a file to anyone with a mail address. FileSender was originally created with the needs of scientists and researchers in mind, which means that it scale to extreme file sizes.

Private instances of FileSender are currently in use by many nation research networks and scientific institutes across the world.

A stack of coins

Internet of Coins

Blockchain wizardry

Internet of Coins is a project that aims to create a decentralized, self-sustaining economy by implementing inter-blockchain connectivity. Not through centralized exchanges, nor federated partnerships, or multigateways, but sustained by a hybrid P2P meta-network to leverage each of its participant's strength in numbers. The dream of the project is to integrate all coins into an interconnected and financially liquid nervous system.


eduVPN/Let's Connect

Safer connections for everyone

Virtual Private Networks are an important class of technologies that enable secure and private use of networks (such as wifi hotspots) even in the common case where the trustworthiness of the network is hard to establish. The use of untrusted wifi networks is as common as it is risky, and without protection potentially exposes users to all kinds of attacks. However, setting up VPN's is traditionally a very cumbersome task. eduVPN is an effort to make VPN technology commonly available, by building better and more user-friendly tools.