[The Commons Conservancy] has a simple governing structure. According to its statutes it has a Board of Directors which consists of at least three and at most seven natural persons. A director is appointed for a period of three years. At the founding of [The Commons Conservancy], the current board were appointed for staggered terms.

Board of Directors

(in alphabetical order)

Guido Aben (secretary)

Guido Aben

Guido Aben is a founding board member of [The Commons Conservancy]. In his dayjob he is director of eResearch at AARNet, the Australian educational and research network. He holds an MSc in physics from Utrecht University. He joined AARNet in 2005, having previously had similar roles in European R&E networking.

A generalist more than a specialist, he has been involved across the range of the “buy-or-build” spectrum, in projects ranging from the rolling out of a national dark fibre footprint, running cloud services procurements through to the deployment of complex niche builds such as an Internet voting system during national elections.

In his current role at AARNet, Guido is responsible for building services to researchers’ demand, and generating demand for said services, with CloudStor and CloudStor+ perhaps the most widely known of those.

Patrick Aerts

Patrick Aerts

Patrick J.C. Aerts is a founding board member of [The Commons Conservancy]. Dr. Aerts did his PhD in Quantum Chemistry (cum laude) in 1986, was involved in Dutch supercomputing policy since 1985 and was the director of the Netherlands Computing Facilities Foundation (NCF) from 1990-2012. Since 2012, still employed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), he had various roles at the Netherlands eScience Center, and presently responsible for Strategic Alliances. In that role he founded the Alliance for Software Sustainability, the Special Interest Group for Visualization, the Platform of eScience/Data research centers in the Netherlands and the Platform of National eScience Centers in Europe, which he chairs.

Since 2016 he also works at DANS, the Data Archiving and Networked Services, where he is responsible for general policy regarding Data Stewardship but with special emphasis on Software Sustainability and scientists’ involvement.

Michiel Leenaars (chairman)

Michiel Leenaars

Michiel Leenaars (1972, Netherlands) is the chairperson of [The Commons Conservancy]. In daily life he is Director of Strategy at NLnet Foundation. and director of Internet Society Netherlands, one of the more sizable Internet Society chapters in the world. He is also a W3C liason officer for the Benelux Office of the World Wide Web Consortium.

He is member of the Netherlands national Education Council. The “Onderwijsraad” is the formal Netherlands governmental advisory body to advise the Minister, Parliament and local authorities on education policy.

He is active in a number of national and international organisations, such as OpenDoc Society (vice-chair), SIDN Fund (Board of Advisors), Accessibility.nl (Board of Supervisors), Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland, and Petities.nl foundation (treasurer). He is a member of the Netherlands committee for the UNESCO Information for All Programma.

Rogier Spoor


Rogier Spoor is manager middleware services at SURFnet, the National Research and Educational Network in the Netherlands. Rogier supports SURFnet’s security community (SCIRT) and develops new services in area of security and cloud computing (focus on IaaS, personal cloud storage, distributed storage).

Rogier is chair of the Dutch Honeynet project chapter: HoneyNED. He led the original development of the SURFIDS (distributed) intrusion detection system, and is currently actively involved in a number of open source efforts.

Rogier Spoor graduated in Bioprocess Engineering at the Wageningen University and Research Centre. He is one of the founding board members of [The Commons Conservancy].

Dave Täht

Dave Täht

Dave Täht iniatiated the Bufferbloat project together with Jim Gettys. He is CTO of Teklibre. He is a former board member of ICEI.org. He describes himself as a ‘singer, pianist, guitarist, writer, experimenter, theorist, hacker, maker, faker - in no particular order, on any given day’. And he also writes code. He is one of the founding board members of [The Commons Conservancy].